What You Need to Know About Commercial Boiler Installation

When buying a commercial boiler for your business premises, you don’t just consider the cost of the boiler itself. You also have to take into account the installation costs. There are instances in which the installation could be as expensive as the cost of the boiler.

The cost of a new boiler depends on the brand, model and size. Usually, it costs around £500-£2,500. Installation on the other hand starts at £500 and could be as high as £1,500. Overall, you need to budget for around £1,500-£3,000 if you want to buy and install a new boiler.

Combi boilers are also an option, but are only suitable for smaller premises. They are compact boilers providing heating and hot water too. The typical cost of the boiler plus installation is around £1,000-£1,500. Conventional boilers are bigger and are more suitable for larger premises. You will be looking at around £2,000-£2,500 for the boiler plus installation.

Cost of boiler installation explained

There are several reasons why you have to budget for boiler installation. To begin with, the boiler requires fitting and only a professional can do the job. The nature of the work, which involves gas pipes can be risky, and ordinary people without experience are not permitted to do the job.

The cost may also vary if you change the type of boiler that you use. Changing from a combi boiler to a conventional one is expensive, for example. The location of the boiler may also affect the price. If it is easy for the technician to finish installing the boiler, you won’t have to pay more. Old units that have to be removed first before the new unit can be installed will cost more.

Additional fixtures such as radiators mean additional expense as well. The installation of temperature control valves on radiators is also a big task. Although you might not need many extras, make sure that exactly what you do need is included in the quotation.

Asking for the price

The cost of boiler installation is not fixed. Therefore, you need to ask for a quotation in advance before asking the boiler technician to come over and install the equipment. You can compare the options too, so that you can decide which option offers the best value for money in terms of your budget.

Just trust the experts in commercial boiler installation London when it comes to boiler related services and you will be in safe hands. They will make sure the equipment is fit for purpose, properly installed, regularly maintained, and safe for use in your commercial premises.