How to Design the Best Product Packaging

If you are not going to rely on packaging design companies and you want to develop your own product packaging, there are things you need to bear in mind. Definitely, you shouldn’t just be focusing on the looks or visual appeal. Consider the following as you proceed:

1. Demographic

Before you can design your product packaging, you have to make sure that you know whom it is intended for. You can’t just decide on the colour and style without evaluating the target users. If you are targeting a wide-ranging demographic, from young to old, keep the styling neutral while trying to make it appealing.

2. Budget

You’re obviously running a business and you certainly want to generate profits, so keep the costs low without sacrificing quality and function. Conduct a prudent survey of the possible costs, including alternatives, to come up with the best possible product. Make sure that the packaging does not add a lot to the product cost, as this will lower your profit.

3. Intertwining of Beauty and Function

That your product packaging should be appealing is already a given. What you have to work harder on is the bridging of aesthetics and function. The design should be attractive and useful. The design should serve a purpose and not be a simple attempt to create something attractive and visually imposing. For example, a star-shaped can can easily make for a standout design for canned goods. The problem is it does not serve any practical purpose. In fact, it would cost more to produce it and opening it would be difficult.

4. Usability

In relation to No.3, it’s important to ascertain that your product packaging is not going to be a nuisance or a source of difficulty to customers. For instance, if you package a juice drink in a giant Tetra-Pak-like container designed as a jar, examine the concept carefully. Will it be easy to open and reseal? Will there be any problems making the container stand? Is the size not too small or not too big? Keep in mind the usability of the concept. Conduct an actual test with real people using the product packaging you conceptualise. You definitely don’t want to annoy customers and subsequently discourage them from buying your product because of the poorly thought-out packaging.

5. Branding and Marketing

Consider the idea of using the product packaging as a marketing tool or at least create a distinctive look with which your brand can be easily identified. Establish your brand identity and, as much as possible, use the packaging as an extension of your advertising and marketing.

Product packaging is something that needs to be carefully conceptualised and created. It is the first thing people see in a product so it only makes sense to make it appealing. However, it should also take function, usability, and budget into account. Even better, it helps if it can serve as an extension of your brand marketing or advertising.