Five Most Popular Ways to Make Your Own Free Website

If you’re hoping to build your own website, then the good news is that today, there’s no need to be an experienced web designer or even know how to write one line of code. If you’re hoping to build a blog, a business website, online store, or an online portfolio, then chances are, you’re looking for the best website builders available today to put together a sleek and attractive design for your new online venture. Read on for the run-down of the five most popular ways to build your own website for free that anybody can tackle no matter their experience level.

#1. WordPress:

When it comes to building a free blog, then WordPress is most certainly one of the most popular options out there. With the option to upgrade to numerous premium or business features for an extra price, WordPress’ basic, free plan provides you with everything that you need to get started blogging about any topic of your choice. In addition, you can use a range of free plugins and additional features to turn your blog into a more unique, purpose-built website when you upgrade to one of the paid premium options. For more information, check out how to make a website using WordPress.

#2. Wix:

When it comes to popular free website builders, Wix is one that you may have already heard of. For those who aren’t into the idea of using WordPress or want a different kind of finish for their site, Wix can be an excellent alternative to consider. Great for small business owners and online stores, Wix offers a huge range of over seventy website templates to choose from with a user-friendly drag and drop site building tool that makes putting your entire site together easier than ever before. You can start using Wix free of charge, however, as with most website builders, you will likely need to upgrade to their paid premium options to access further features as your website grows.

#3. Weebly:

A popular choice for e-commerce websites and other online businesses, Weebly is well-known for their powerful online shop services and is the best choice for anyone looking to start an online shop. If you’re looking to start selling products or services online, you can get started with the free plan and then upgrade to the business plan if you need. Although their business plan is a little pricier than the others at $25 per month, it certainly does offer everything that you need to start an online store, making it a good investment.

#4. SiteBuilder:

If you’re a newbie to the world of website building and want a simple yet interesting and informational website, then SiteBuilder could be the perfect tool for your needs. This tool is well-known for being one of the most intuitive on the market, making it easy for anybody to build a stunning website without having to know anything about web design or even about computers! With over a thousand different templates to choose from, you can completely customize your site and give it a unique look and feel. For those who can’t wait to go further, paid plans are available to upgrade to.

#5. SquareSpace:

If you’re in need of a website building tool to put together your professional portfolio, SquareSpace is designed with you in mind. This website builder is put together for photographers, artists, writers, videographers, bloggers, musicians, wedding and event planners, and anybody else who needs to display an attractive portfolio of work in one place. With a selection of simple yet elegant designs, SquareSpace focuses on the visual side of things, incorporating large, stand-out images into many templates so that your work is the first thing that grabs the attention of anybody landing on the page. However, the downfall to this website builder is that there are no completely free plans, although you will be able to take advantage of their two-week free trail to create your website free of charge. You can then choose from a personal plan starting at $12 per month, or a business plan at $18 per month. Another attractive feature of this website builder is the community knowledge base where you can ask anything!

These are just some of the most popular website builders out there that offer a free way of creating your website. Whether you’re looking to start a blog, online store, portfolio site, or something else entirely, each of these options provides you with the features that you need for a great start.