5 Areas in Which to Increase Your Business Social Responsibility

Ensuring that you are able to offer socially responsible policies and practices within your business can provide you with excellent benefits, both in making a positive environmental and social impact as well as growing your business in a responsible way. Whether you are a sole trader working from home or part of a larger company it is possible for you to make a positive impact on your environment and there are a number of ways to do this. This positive action can include:

Increasing Your Responsibility in Your Community

If you would like to increase your business’s social responsibility in the community then it is important that you can encourage your employees to provide their services to a local charity. This volunteering may include organising a day in which you can help the charity or donating to them by organising a fundraising event. As a company, you may be able to offer a pro bono service to help a non-profit organisation or donate products in kind to improve its impact.

Looking After Your Employees

If you would like to involve your employees in improving the social responsibility of your business then it is important that you involve them in any decisions that may have an impact on their working environment. It is important to do this as it will empower them to make their own positive changes which will ultimately result in a much greater effectiveness and efficiency of their work. If you are able to, it would also be beneficial to provide any training or mentoring opportunities to your employees which may improve personal as well as professional development.

Taking Care of Your Environment

In order to take care of your environment it is vital that your company strives to be as energy efficient as possible. It is important that you are able to measure your current energy and water consumption and aim to reduce those amounts as much as possible. It may be beneficial to recruit an employee who will be able to manage and engage a team in these efforts and help to find new ways to reduce the business’s carbon footprint.

Maintaining Best Practice with Your Suppliers

Suppliers can affect your business and social responsibility in a number of ways. It is important that you are able to create a Supplier Purchasing Policy that will ultimately give preference to any local suppliers as well as businesses and organisations that are owned by women or minorities. It is also important that you establish a Code of Conduct with your suppliers as it is crucial that they run their business in a responsible and ethical manner.You can also use restoration management software for easier tracking.

Protecting Your Customers

Customers are always a vital element to any business and it is important that if you wish to increase your social responsibility you provide your customers with a socially responsible service. This can include offering your customers a written warranty or client protection policy on all of your products or services to ensure that they are fairly treated should their product or service not live up to expectations. It is also important to ensure that your company establishes appropriate customer service standards and is always getting higher targets for improved customer satisfaction.

So, you will be now be aware of a number of different ways in which you can improve and increase your social responsibility within your business. To discover more ways to increase your social responsibility you can find out more here; so what are you waiting for?

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